Barbel Fishing Rods Bath

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Peregrine rods are built to exacting standards of craftsmanship our rods are not made to just cast a given line weight, we make them with specific angling situations in mind and select materials most suitable.

Each of our range is different, we do not use the same blank type
throughout we choose the best available for the particular rod and its' intended use to ensure optimum performance.

Our rods are different from the norm. They are made by a small team of fishing rod makers who know their stuff. Call us to discuss your requirements - you will be pleasantly surprised.

We can also build on any of the blanks from the Harrisons Rods range. Please call for details.

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Barbel Fishing Rods Bath

paul4 Barbel Rod - 11' 2 piece 1lb 12oz tc.

Barbel Fishing Rods Bath

Barbel Fishing Rods Bath

Although the 1.3/4 lb TC might seem heavy, it is not in this case. The GTi has a clever blend of fibres resulting in a rod with a very sensitive tip, yet with a reserve of power more than capable of subduing the biggest Barbel.

Basically the build of the rod is as specified by Paul (paul4), and is specifically designed for use with a centrepin. Paul built the original prototypes, in conjunction with Roger of Peregrine, and has been testing and using them for 4 years in all situations. Duplicate rods have also been tested by two other centrepin using barbel anglers for a couple of years.

The rod is finished in black, and has a full cork handle, carefully shaped at the top end for comfort, and a Wye Button. Rings are Fuji BSVOG and with an extra ring to aid one of the methods of casting. Fitted with a hook keeper, positioned 3" further up the blank than usual, so as to be out of the way when holding the rod for touch legering when bites are delicate.

The rod is supplied with the option of either a pair of neoprene/fabric tip & butt protectors, or a cloth bag.

315 (includes 24 hour delivery)

Barbel Fishing Rods Bath
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